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How To Love Your Wild Violet Studio .925 Sterling Silver Jewellery & Understanding Gold Vermeil

Posted by Kylie Lodge on

How To Love Your Jewellery 

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    • Wild Violet Studio Jewels are all .925 Sterling Silver.
    • Take care when removing clothing so as not to snag your treasures.
    • Your jewellery will age and tarnish naturally. To keep your babies looking sparkling, clean them regularly with a professional, impregnated silver polishing cloth or Sterling Silver Jewellery Cleaning solution.
    • Keep your jewellery away from chemicals (like solvents, perfume, shampoo and hairspray), sharp blows, scratching and extreme temperatures.
    • Try to keep pieces apart to avoid rubbing together.
    • These aren’t water babies... Never go swimming wearing your jewellery - salt and chlorinated waters can be damaging
    • Your jewellery shouldn’t be worn while cleaning, showering, gardening or enjoying sports activities.
    • Most importantly, love these jewels and let them shine as an expression of yourself!


  • Wild Violet Studio 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery is Nickel-free, Naturally Hypoallergenic and Antimicrobial.
  • Our precious chains are crafted from fine sterling silver. Their delicate nature means they need to be cared for with loving kindness to avoid accidentally snagging or stretching. Please consider this before purchasing as this kind of damage is not covered under our returns policy.


Understanding Gold Vermeil

All of our Golden treasures at Wild Violet Studio are sterling silver with 18K Gold Vermeil. Crafted with intention to cherish for years to come, our delicate jewellery is designed with longevity in mind.

There are various elements involved in gold plated jewellery, and different properties produce different standards of appearance, quality and durability. To first explore karats, the higher the karats, the higher the percentage of gold is in the plating. All of our treasures are 18K gold plated, which is 75% gold. The other 25% consists of more durable metals, which are blended into the plating, to increase the durability of the overall piece. 

Our gold vermeil adornments are plated 3 microns thick. A micron equates to one millionth of a meter. Similarly to karats, the higher the micron the thicker the plating is, meaning your jewellery has deeper layers of gold. 18 karat gold is often micron plated over .925 sterling silver to create a beautiful, long-lasting, durable finish, just like the glistening golden jewels at Wild Violet Studio. 

Care must still be taken with any gold plated jewellery, to ensure your treasures stay sparkling for as long as possible.

We invite you to explore our coveted collections of golden jewellery and find something special to elevate your everyday and treasure for years to come.


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