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Crystal Starter Kit

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Are you just discovering the wonderful magical benefits of stunning Crystals?

We have this beautiful little starter kit available to help kickstart your spiritual journey.

Kit contains:

1x Selenite Mini Wand

1x Amethyst Cluster 

1x Rose Quartz Rough

1x Tumble stone chakra set with black velvet bag.

2x Palo Santo Smoke Cleansing Sticks

1x Sheer White Organza Bag


Chakra Tumble Stone set includes 

Amethyst (Crown) - Inspiration and harmony
Clear Quartz (Forehead) - Awareness and development
Chalcedon (Neck) - Communication and establishing contact
Rose Quartz (Heart) - Fulfillment, feelings and understanding
Calcite (Solar plexus) - Self-confidence and development
Carneol (Navel) - Encounters and affection
Red Jasper (Root) - Energy and Endurance


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