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Desert Rose x 1 (140 grams++) (Brazil) 6-7.5cm

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Desert Rose ( intuitively chosen for you, at least 140 grams, with most being heavier). Please note this is a substantial piece.

Size: 6cm - 7.5cm (pictures are examples)

Desert Rose- is a stunning earthy toned crystal of stark whites, creams and browns, it's incredible uniqueness comes from the fact that each piece is naturally shaped into rose bud like structures. The process occurs as a result of harsh weather conditions in arid environments where wind, water and changes in air pressure cause desert sand particles to get trapped in minerals during the process of evaporation which in turn create, deep petal-like grooves in the crystal. It is no suprise that this stone represents strength of character, determination, the ability to stand your ground and to see challenging situations and projects through to the end. Ancient civilisations also believed that each rosette holds a spirit guardian and they were often gifted to young children (especially timid ones) as talismans to give them confidence and protection throughout their lives.

Chakras- Base, Third Eye & Crown

Sourced from Brazil

Please note: crystal stand is not included.

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