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Amethyst Pendulum

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1 x High quality A Grade Amethyst pendulum with 23cm long delicate nickel-free metal tarnish protected chain finished with amethyst bead. Includes a loop at the end of the chain allowing the pendulum to be easily hung. Absolutely beautiful piece. 

Pendulum Size: (approx 3.5cm long x 2cm at its widest point).

History and Meaning:

The history of pendulum dowsing can be traced back over 4,000 years. For whatever purpose you wish to use a pendulum - divination, as advisor or for providing the answer to urgent questions. Amethyst is a stone linked to spirituality and contentment. It emits a peaceful, healing energy that allows us to more easily connect with our higher self and ultimately with source. It aids the bearer in easing their mind into meditation and provides relief from stagnant, negative thoughts. Amethyst pendulums are perfect in assisting with spiritual transitions, times of grief and challenging life circumstances.