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Black Sage (Mugwort) Smoke Cleansing Stick (11cm) x 1

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Our Black Sage Smoke Cleansing Sticks are beautifully rolled and tied with white natural cotton string. They have a similar scent to white sage, but it is deeper and almost slightly smoky.  

Black Sage also known as Mugwort, Witch's Herb or Dream Weed is a powerful herb used by shamans, witches and healers to encourage dreams and visions, it is said to protect the user whilst they are in the process of shamanic journeying or astral travel. It is known for its abilities to provide restful sleep and sweet dreams, although is believed to bring out the truth of situations so if used before bed can bring out vision like dreams filled with symbolic meaning. It is also a strong clearing agent that easily removes negative energies.

1x Smoke Cleansing Stick