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Bloodstone Tumbled Stone A Grade 1pc

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Bloodstone- An incredibly special stone, Bloodstone is one of the most interesting crystals from the jasper family. In its absolute natural form it has an exquisite, deep forest green colour with the occasional splash of vibrant red. In tumbles the colours vary from predominantly green to red, brown and even purple. It is a stone steeped in mysticism and history, legends were formed claiming the stone was created at the crucifixtion of christ when the blood from his wounds seeped into the green earth and created "Christ's Stone". Even earlier than Christ the stone was worshipped by the Greeks as the "Sun Stone", they believed that when placed in the rays of the setting sun or immersed in water it turned the reflection of the sun to blood-red. Regardless of the beliefs this stone is most known for its ability to attract courage and solace to its bearer. It is meant to bring out the best in people and has been touted with many health benefits leading to a longer, healthier life. It is considered a wonderful blood and organ detoxifier and is thought to heal ailments by attracting the sun's rays to the area of concern. It is associated with the Root and Heart chakra, balancing the root and realigning the heart helping to clear deep seated blockages in the root chakra.

Chakra- Base and Heart