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Caribbean Calcite Obelisk x 1pc

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A very recently discovered combination mineral- consisting of Ocean Blue Calcite mixed in with light brown and white aragonite. It is known to soothe the emotional body and to enhance your ability to reach a higher consciousness. It can protect you from others overwhelming emotions and keep you focused on your own path. Also known as a stone for inspiration- if you feel stuck, keep this crystal around to feel a renewed sense of creativity and dreaming.

Caribbean Calcite is spiritually believed to help instil tranquillity both in your surroundings along with instilling a tranquil state of mind. Its believed to help gain perspective of your dreams, helping bring your dreams or desires to life.
Its believed to be an extremely relaxing crystal, perfect for the bedroom helping you relax to sleep. With its beach-like look, it’s believed to help instil tranquillity, relaxation and calmness, helping you relax and dream away your best dreams. Its often referred to as a Dreamy Crystal.

Approximately 11cm high and 3.5cm wide.
Additional properties: Introspection, astral travel, calming the nervous system
Cleansing and care: A soft crystal, it can mark.
Star sign: Sagittarius
Element: Fire
Life Path number: 3
Chakra: Solar plexus
Crystals are a unique product gifted to us from mother nature so the colours, shapes and sizes will vary.