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Crystal Tumble Starter Bundle

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We all started somewhere on our Crystal loving journey. Here we have intuitively brought together our must have starter Crystals to help you on your way with getting your own Crystal collection and reaping the benefits of mother earths magickal gifts.

Clear Quartz- As well as being an amplifier for other crystals this incredibly versatile Crystal has wide ranging benefits including Clarity, Purification & Restoration.

Amethyst- This gentle but powerful Crystal opens the third eye chakra awakening your inner spirituality and brings benefits of peace, tranquility and purification. Amethyst is a healing stone making it a great support stone for those who need assistance with anxiety relief and or overcoming addictive behaviours.

Rose Quartz- for Love, Peace & Acceptance. It is the stone of all things LoveDevine Love, Self Love, Romantic Love, Platonic Love. It enhances all areas of the heart. This soothing rosy Crystal vibrates with gentle tenderness and peace.

Citrine- Will teach you how to appreciate what you have and find joy in all the riches life has to offer. It is a Crystal of manifestation and has the ability to attract abundance, invigoration and prosperity.

Smokey Quartz- For Anchoring, Pragmatism and Positivity. It is believed to alleviate anxiety and stress by creating a gentle calm. It transmutes negative energy, fostering a positive outlook.