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Dragon's Blood White Sage Smoke Cleansing Stick (10-12cm) x 1

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Our Dragon's Blood White Sage Smoke Cleansing stick is beautifully rolled and tied with natural cotton string. It is handmade, created by dipping white sage Smoke Cleansing sticks into melted Dragon's Blood resin and then sun-dried. The White Sage used is wild harvested in USA.

Dragon's Blood has a mystical story, it was believed to be the blood of dragons who had died in combat, most likely due to its natural red pigment, reminiscent of the colour of blood. It has a distinct, slightly sweet, yet earthy fragrance. It is actually dried resin from rare trees found in India and Indonesia. It is highly popular in ritual and spell casting work, believed to add potency to other ritual herbs, oils and resins. It is used for healing, protection and banishing of negative energies and spirits. When combined with White Sage you are presented with a powerhouse of metaphysical purification and protection.

1x Smoke Cleansing Stick