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ECO. Hand Sanitiser

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Hygienically clean your hands with this natural, light mist and anti-bacterial hand sanitiser. Our 70% ethanol based hand sanitising mist combines the natural antimicrobial properties of Lavender, skin regenerative properties of Sweet Orange and antibacterial properties of Tea Tree essential oils. Not only will your hands be clean but the aroma will follow you wherever you go. We've also added Vitamin E to help nourish and protect your delicate hands.


Made using Australian grown and sustainably sourced GMO free ethanol.


Size: 100ml / 3.38fl.oz


  • Perfect to keep in your handbag or car.
  • Contains 70% ethanol.
  • Contains essential oils to help fight bacteria naturally.
  • No washing required.
  • Dries quickly.

How to use

Spray a generous amount onto hands and massage together until dry. Ensure the front and back of the hands are covered as well as fingertips. Allow hands to air dry. Use as required.


Alcohol tenant (Ethanol Denatured)*, Aqua (Water), Glycerin (Glycerine), Lavandula anguvstifolia (Lavender) oil, Citrus dulcet (Sweet Orange) peel oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) leaf oil, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E).


Contains Ethanol 70% v/v


*Certified sustainable by the Roundtable of Sustainable Biomaterials