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Egyptian Musk Resin 25ml test tube

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Our Egyptian Musk Resin aids in Spells & Rituals to enhance wisdom, improve sell-confidence and strength of spirit.

For best results burn on charcoal blocks.
25ml test tube

 What are Magickal Resins?

Resins are a natural incense which are produced by trees and plants as sap, bark, or wood extractions that harden into the small chunks we see in Magickal Resins & Herbal Incense blends today. 

They have been used historically in temples, ancient rituals, churches, and within daily home life.

Resin smoke is used as a purifier of negative vibrations within a space, a messenger of spells & prayers, they are a tool to access higher consciousness and ritual consciousness, as well as physical alternative medicine use by many spiritual and natural healers.

Resins are well known to have been used throughout history by ancient Greeks, Romans, Indians, Asians and Egyptians as well as many other tribal and Indigenous peoples and cultures throughout the world.

Note: Not to be consumed, keep out of reach or children and pets.