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Flower Agate Tower 1pc #FT001

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Flower Agate- also known as Cherry Blossom Chalcedony is a variety of chalcedony, part of the quartz family. 

Colours: White, blue, brown, green, red, orange, yellow, gray, black, banded, or multicoloured
Mohs hardness rating: 6.5-7 Transparency: Translucent to opaque Luster: Vitreous, waxy
Fracture: Uneven Cleavage: None

Gemological info: Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline form of silica, composed of very fine intergrowths of the minerals Quartz and Morganite. Chalcedony can occur in a wide range of colours, but those most commonly seen are white to gray, grayish blue or a shade of brown ranging from pale to nearly black.

Metaphysical Properties: Chalcedony stimulates optimism and goodwill while relieving hostility and touchiness. It is used to bring tranquility and promote mental stability. Chalcedony also assists in clearly analyzing information.

Astrological sign: Aries

Width: 3.5cm Height: 9cm

Weight:  162g