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Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Glass Water Bottle 500ml

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Drinking from a crystal water bottle helps infuse the energy of its related crystal into the water and then into your body.
The vibrations and the energy of the crystals are spiritually absorbed by the water, that then when you drink it, it is spiritually absorbed into your bloodstream helping the related crystals healing powers heal your body and heal your mind. It’s spiritually believed to help encourage a positive outlook on life and a positive mindset. Spiritually detoxify and cleansing your body from negativity and increase your positive energy.

1x Glass Water Bottle with Fluorite Crystal chips. Holds 500ml.

Rainbow fluorite- is considered to have the highest vibration and healing abilities of all fluorite crystals. It has a combination of green and purple tones. The green crystal is known for its ability to uplift the soul, clear the mind and even boost cellular healing. It is perfect to balance and clear the heart chakra and many healers believe it can cleanse the aura. On the other hand the purple part of fluorite attracts positive energy, is very balancing and can therefore bring order into our lives and help us to organise any chaos. It is associated with the third-eye chakra and can assist in meditation practice and spiritual development including our ability to more deeply connect with our higher self and our guides. Finally, it provides tranquility and aids us in relaxing our entire being.