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Fossil Palm Obelisk x 1 (171-220gms)

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Polished Fossil Palm Obelisk (each piece weighs between 171 and 220gms).  

Size- approx 10cm - 12cm tall and 2.5-3.0cm base (please note some pieces are slightly taller and thinner whilst others are shorter and wider)- all are substantial pieces.

Fossil Palm- an incredibly rare and unique stone that incorporates petrified wood, created when trapped organic matter, like the roots and wood from Indonesian palm trees is replaced by silica and eventually after millions of years, is turned into this incredible stone that has a black backdrop (like the night sky) that's combined with highly contrasting, intermittent white, cream and latte coloured patterns, it's truly a visually beautiful stone.  

Meaning- fossil palm carries within it deep wisdom collected through the ages, that reveals the sacred nature that is inherent in us all. It is a gentle stone with immense power, aiding us in resolving past life issues or current life challenges. It removes old, stagnant energies paving a clear path towards a more positive future. It balances and soothes our emotions as we transition and release all that no longer serves us and may be blocking our journey. 

Shape Significance- Obelisks are one of the most popular crystal shapes, the reason for this is twofold, firstly many crystals naturally form in an obelisk shape and based on ancient beliefs this is a result of the earth releasing built up energies and secondly due to these beliefs, many ancient civilisations revered the shape, often creating huge monolithic structures of it, for eg. Cleopatra's Needle in Paris or the temple of Re-Atum in Egypt. Spiritually, it is believed that this shape easily allows for the collection of energy (for example in a room) via its flat base, the energy then surges upward through the crystal directed by the peak of the crystal, cleansing and transmuting along the way, the energy is then re-released into the atmosphere in a pure state and infused with the specific crystal's unique properties. As a result of this incredible ability, obelisk crystals are commonly used by holistic/reiki practitioners during treatments. 

Chakra- Root and Third Eye

Sourced from Indonesia.


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