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Jojoba Oil Skin & Hair Treatment 30ml

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Jojoba Oil Skin & Hair Treatment 30ml 

For Skin

Jojoba is renowned for its hydrating and regenerative qualities. It is suitable to all skin types and can help improve skin suppleness and elasticity due to its similarities with human sebum. It also acts as a great makeup remover or a natural skin cleanser.

This golden jojoba oil offers a range of moisturising and emulsifying properties which makes it a highly versatile product. Because it has a light consistency, this oil can be used as a stand-alone moisturiser that helps in balancing the skin’s moisture levels




Calming for sensitive skin.

Non comedogenic, meaning it doesn't clog pores.

Repairing & restoring.

Apply 2-4 drops of Wild Violet Studio Jojoba Oil to your fingertips, and then massage into clean and dry skin. Apply morning and/or night, under moisturiser.

For Hair

In haircare, this oil can also be used to restore the hair’s natural colour and to promote shiny and thicker hair strands. It can help to heal split, broken, and tangled hair of any type. Use this oil and massage onto scalp for vibrant hair.



Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba Oil)