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Journal Notebook - Pastel Marble by Wild Violet Studio

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Journal: Pastel Coloured Marble Artwork Blank Lined Journal Notebook for Unique Artistic Stationary Lovers who enjoy writing and creating.

Blank Lined Journal / Notebook with uniquely designed cover.

Designs, Artwork, Photography and Publishing by Wild Violet Studio

Product Description:

  • Uniquely Designed Cover
  • Ruled Lines
  • 119 pages
  • 6 x 9 in
  • High-quality Matte Cover
  • The ideal gift for yourself or a special person in your life. Ideal for all genders including Women, Men, Boys and Girls.

Use this personal journal notebook to keep daily notes or write down your thoughts and ideas. Use it as journal or even a diary. Ideal for work, small business, study and home.There are 119 white lined pages waiting to be filled with your ideas, creations and words!


Copyright © 2022, Wild Violet Studio

Note: Designs, Artwork, Photography and Publishing by Wild Violet Studio. Do not copy or edit. Not available for resale or distribution without prior written consent and applicable licenses.