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Lepidolite Double Terminator Pendant with .925 silver clasp

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Lepidolite Double Terminator Pendant with .925 silver clasp.

Approximate Size 
Height: 30 - 40 mm
Width: 5 - 10 mm
Weight: 4 - 6 gms

Pendant Only, .925 Sterling Silver Chains available for separate purchase here


Acceptance, Independence & Trust

Lepidolite is a great mood stabiliser. It has been used to bring balance to emotional swings, and cool off fiery feelings. It's particularly supportive during times of transition - you might find yourself drawn to it when you're about to embark on a big change, whether you know it or not. It's also believed to be helpful in overcoming negative patterns and addictive behaviour - both substance related and emotional - granting the ability to move on from the past and instil enough trust and love in yourself to go forward. It is a gentle but powerful stone, especially in the realms of self- respect and acceptance. Lepidolite's calming energy is also a stress reliever. Crystal healers use the mineral for general pain relief, and for alleviating the physical symptoms of addiction withdrawal as well.