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Maiden, Mother & Crone Scrying Bowl

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This scrying bowl features all images of the Maiden, Mother & Crone (Triple Goddess) on the sides of the bowl, honouring the feminine tradition of growth through the cycles of life and the phases of the moon. It also has a celtic style braid carved as a border that links each life cycle.

Maiden: is the young woman on the start of her path, filled with energy and awe, not yet quite awakended to her inner power and divinity, yet she unconciously senses her greater purpose in life. The Maiden is associated with the waxing phase of the lunar cycle.

Mother: now a woman, the Mother represents fertility and abundance, she is full of love and a desire to nurture. She has grown, experienced and gained knowledge, quickly learning to rely on the strength that lies within. The Mother is associated with the Full Moon.

Crone: now a wise elder, she represents the woman's final stage, by far she is not a fragile creature, her power and knowledge is vast and her role moves to that of mentor, providing advice to those women moving through the earlier cycles. She is the darkness of night that eventually leads to her soul's release. She is associated with the waning moon.

As the inside of the bowl is quite glossy, it is perfect for scrying, an ancient tradition where a bowl is filled with water and gazed into in order to receive guidance. It would also be ideal as a Smoke Cleansing bowl, altar piece for offerings or to store/cleanse crystals, jewellery or other meaningful items. Please note it handles heat well and especially if filled with sand could be used for the burning of charcoal, resins, herbs, palo santo, etc.

Material: Aluminium (painted black)

Size: 15cm diameter 

Made in India