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Malachite Palm Stone x1

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Malachite, Semi Precious Palm Stone aka Flat Stone, Irregular Freeform Round Flat Shape. Some with natural small druzy inclusions.

Approximate size

Height: 7 - 12 mm
Width: 37 - 41 mm
Weight: 24 - 44 gms


Love, Harmony & Transformation

Malachite is a stone that can inspire real change. It helps clear energetic blockages and inspires you to abandon old patterns making way for positive transformation. It's a protective stone, absorbing electromagnetic pollution as well as negative energy, so be sure to cleanse regularly. Malachite can open the heart chakra, making you receptive to unconditional love. It supports a healthy relationship,one rooted in love rather than co-dependency or need. The stone is also thought to be beneficial for travellers especially those journeying by plane - it can help abate any fears about flying. Malachite helps with enerqy flow, bringing the body's systems into balance. It's better to work with polished pieces as raw malachite in large quantities can be toxic.

 1x Palm Stone ( Intuitively Chosen )

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