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Mini Crazy Lace Agate Dinosaur Crystal Carving 1pc

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Meaning: Agate is a type of crypto crystalline quartz, often found as layers lining geodes. The overall meaning of Agate is that it is a powerful grounding crystal that has amazing harmonising and rebalancing properties, as well as a soothing energy, helping the holder to release inner anger and accumulated tension. However, as there are many different variations and colours, each one can provide its own unique set of abilities. Crazy Lace Agate is a gorgeous, light hearted crystal also known as "Happy Lace", it helps us to tap into our inner child, to feel and express joy, expecially through laughter and humour. It assists the holder in turning to optimism no matter the circumstances and always keeping thoughts light and elevated. It is often made up of layers of creams, browns and greys, however sometimes the crystal also includes more ochre coloured layers.

Chakra- Third Eye 

1x Crazy Lace Agate Mini Dinosaur 

Approx 3cm