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Pink Moonstone Pendulum

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1 x High quality polished A Grade Pink Moonstonependulum with 23cm long delicate nickel-free metal tarnish protected chain finished with pink moonstone bead. Includes a loop at the end of chain allowing the pendulum to be easily hung. Absolutely beautiful piece. 

Pendulum Size: (approx 3.5cm long x 2cm at its widest point).

History and Meaning:

The history of pendulum dowsing can be traced back over 4,000 years. For whatever purpose you wish to use a pendulum - divination, as advisor or for providing the answer to urgent questions. Pink Moonstone is a gentle stone associated with the divine feminine, love, sensuality and fertility. It is a nurturing crystal that aids us in our relationships, helps to reignite passion in our romantic relationships and clears away blockages in our reproductive system. It is perfect for questions around family, children, pregnancy, soul mates and romantic matters.