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Serpentine Obelisk x 1 (Peru) 200-250gms

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Serpentine Obelisk (200-250 grams). Please note this is a substantial piece.

Serpentine-  has a distinct green colour, the crystal is also often interwoven with dark grey to black veins adding to its natural beauty. The stone was originally named after "serpent" as its colour has the ability to immediately conjure snake like images in ones mind. As a result it is well known for its abilites to aid the awakening of the flow of kundalini (the "coiled snake") divine energy that sits dormant at the base of the spine. Serpentine can be used to stimulate this feminine energy, helping to "uncoil the serpent" and allow it to freely flow up through the chakras, assisting the bearer to experience an expanded state of conciousness. It is a multifaceted stone as it also assists in opening the crown chakra and enhancing psychic abilities, aids in channelling ancient wisdom and past life experiences and is wonderful at clearing the heart space of any emotional debris that may be causing a feeling of stagnation in this area. 

 Chakras- Crown and Heart

Sourced from Peru.

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