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Smokey Quartz Crystal Glass Water Bottle 500ml

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Drinking from a crystal water bottle helps infuse the energy of its related crystal into the water and then into your body.
The vibrations and the energy of the crystals are spiritually absorbed by the water, that then when you drink it, it is spiritually absorbed into your bloodstream helping the related crystals healing powers heal your body and heal your mind. It’s spiritually believed to help encourage a positive outlook on life and a positive mindset. Spiritually detoxify and cleansing your body from negativity and increase your positive energy.

1x Glass Water Bottle with Smokey Quartz Crystal chips. Holds 500ml.

Smokey Quartz - Smoky quartz has a unique translucent brownish colour that varies from very pale grey to caramel and sometimes even almost black. It is a highly protective stone that dispels fear and nightmares, eases depression and clears any accumulated negativity. It has powerful grounding properties, filled with Mother Earth's energies that are highly beneficial during traumatic life events when our spirit might feel divided and requires nurturing. It encourages the holder to leave the past in the past and to focus with clarity and peace on the present moment, helping to reflect on lessons learned without guilt, anger or disappointment.  

Chakra: Root (Stability & Security)