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Sodalite Moon x 1

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Sodalite Moon- beautifully hand carved in Indonesia. 

Size: approx 4cm - 4.5cm (shapes and sizes vary slightly as this is a handmade product)- approximately 4mm - 5mm thick. Beautiful altar pieces or for moon ritual uses.

Meaning (Sodalite)- is a deep indigo blue crystal with silvery white veins running through it. It is a stone of wisdom and vision and is therefore associated with the mind on all levels, physical, spiritual and subconcious. It aids in removing ego chatter, assists in freeing us from human attachment and has the ability to create new mental patterns, making it a powerful stone for overcoming addictions and achieving goals.  Energetically it can open the third eye and help to focus the mind for meditation.

Physical Healing- sodalite has a calming effect on the body aiding in easing panic attacks and stress, it is also wonderful for clearing the lymphatic system and any throat problems. 

Chakras- Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

Sourced from Indonesia