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Sterling Silver Dainty Drop Crystal Huggie

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Sterling Silver Dainty Drop Crystal Huggie

  • Weight: 3.1g
  • Length: 11x6mm Crystal Quartz
  • Huggie Diameter: 12x12
  • Marked .925 STΔR
  • SKU #E720
  • High Polish, Oxidised
  • Australian Designed


Healing & Energy Amplification

Known as the ‘master healer’, clear quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifying crystal. This stone balances the chakras, cleanses the aura, absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and facilitates in releasing any energy blockages. Clear quartz is a rockstar among crystals as it is believed to manifest your intentions & illuminate the spirit. Use quartz to cleanse, dispel negative energy and allow pure energy to manifest.

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