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Unakite Bead Bracelet 10mm

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Stunning Quality Unakite Beaded Bracelet with Elastic has 10mm beads. x1 Bracelet 

Beautiful, high quality bracelet with 10mm unakite polished beads. These are mala style bracelets and can also be used as a self-love tool to set daily positive intentions and then worn as a reminder of these intentions. It has been proven that we are more likely to practice and follow through with our self love needs if we have a visual and physical item on us at all times reminding us of our commitment to ourselves.

Meaning: Unakite also known as Epidote from the Greek Epidosis meaning "growing together" due to the blend of Red Jasper, Pink Feldspar and Green Epidote, which are tightly bound together to form a unique colour palate. Unakite has a myriad of amazing properties and is especially well known for creating lasting love relationships, can be worn to encourage conception and is a wonderfully protective stone to wear during pregnancy allowing the mother to form an even stronger spiritual bond with her unborn child. Furthermore it has incredibly powerful healing abilities and is highly recommended for people who have experienced long-term illnesses and who are in recovery. Unakite's energy provides nurturing and supports the gradual return to health and vitality.  

Crystals sourced from South Africa

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Chakra- Heart 


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